Lining our showcases and walls are over 100 different amplifier options. We carry acoustic, electric and bass amps, as well as mini 1-watt battery powered amplifiers and plugin headphone amps. We even have a entire room dedicated to amps! From new and used stock, we should have something to power your sound.

Used Amplifier & Speaker Cabinet Inventory:       Note: NEW Amps & Cabs are also in stock, but aren’t yet listed online.

Guitar Amplifier Combos In Stock Now!

  • Blackstar HT-1R MkII $250
  • Crate Stealth GT-50 $195
  • 1962 Fender Concert-Amp, brown tolex, one non-original Jensen speaker (made in 1972) $2,500
  • Louis Electric ‘Buster’ 18-Watt, handmade in USA, 1×12″ Jupiter 12LC speaker, 6V6 power tubes (switchable to 28 Watts when using 6L6 power tubes), based off 5E3 tweed deluxe $1,795
  • Marshall CODE 50 $225
  • Yamaha DG60FX-112, w/footswitch & owner’s manual $395
  • Yamaha THR10 w/owner’s manual $225

Guitar Amplifier Heads In Stock Now!

  • 3rd Power Citizen-Gain Reverb SR 40-Watt, tube-powered (2xEL34 & 4x12AX7), made in USA, w/footswitch $1,895
  • 2019 Fender Super Champ X2 HD 15-Watt, tube-powered (solid state rectifier), w/footswitch $225
  • 2005 Ibanez Thermion TN120 120-Watt, tube-powered $795
  • 2005 Marshall 1987XL 50-Watt, tube-powered, made in England $1,295
  • 2017 Randall Thrasher 120-Watt tube-powered, w/footswitch $895
  • 2005 Vox Night Train NT2H 2-Watt, tube-powered $195

Guitar Amplifier & Speaker Cabinet SETS In Stock Now! (individual speaker cabinets listed below this section)

  • Fender Custom Shop Tone-Master tube-powered head & 212 Enclosure w/Celestion G1280 speakers $1,895
  • 1980s Randall Switchmaster RSM-150 head & R410S cabinet, w/original footswitch $450

Guitar Speaker Cabinets In Stock Now!

  • 2005 Ibanez Thermion TN412S w/4×12″ Celestion Vintage 30 speakers $450
  • Mesa Rectifier 4×12″ 4FB w/Mesa custom diamond side armor, 240 watts, w/Celestion Vintage 30 speakers $995
  • 1994 Park G412B w/4×12″ Celestion G12L-35 speakers, 140 watts $395

Bass Amplifiers & Speaker Cabinets In Stock Now!

  • Ashdown Klystron Neo 210T speaker cabinet, 500 watts @ 8 ohms, made in UK, includes padded cover $895

Note: All amplifiers and speaker cabinets listed above are USED. We also stock NEW amplifiers and speaker cabinets in greater quantities than our used products. Please call for details.

This page was last updated on November 20, 2021