Meet The Crew

Find out a little more about the people helping you on your quest for tone


Lightning Joe

veteran guitarist since 1965 – performed on television and radio – thousands of live performances – studio session player – multi-instrumentalist – music columnist – musician first and foremost – active CEO – master of space consolidation – artist – head of repair department – parts expert – living library of guitar information – shocks a store full of customers with a single lick – handy man – dedicated father – Papa Joe – the “one” – originator and keeper of all things Lightning Joe – crew originator and passionate member since 1983


Marelene – aka Mrs. Lightning

beauty and the brains – lesson department queen – P.R. director – groupie – roadie – bouncer – keeper of the peace – great at helping kids pick out their first guitar – ever lasting mother – the best Nona around – extremely dedicated crew member since 1983



compassionate husband and father – solo acoustic guitarist – accomplished electric guitarist and bassist – special order specialist – keeper of details, numbers and lists – bilingual – organizer extraordinaire – inspired by Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan, and all virtuoso guitarists – fanboys over Arch Echo – namesake and future CEO – heir to the throne – loyal crew member since 1999



mother of four – wife of Joseph – loves Animals as Leaders – guru of general life knowledge – provider of accurate details – keeper of administration – website builder – ukulele and bass player – multi-tasker extraordinaire – avid supporter of musical virtuosity (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Guthrie Govan) – bluegrass fan – could restring guitars and ukuleles all day – Erotic Cakes album fanatic – crew member since 2015


Joey – aka Joseph – aka Joseph with the beard

brother-in-law of Joseph – Ashley’s “little big bro” – Uncle to Bry, Oliver, baby Joseph, and Cora – eager learner and hard worker – got his first guitar at age 10, right here at Lightning Joe’s – music, RPG and anime snob – is known for his beard – incoming shipment coordinator – guitar photographer – complete comedic relief – politics and news junkie – crew member since 2018 ( but if anyone asks, he’s “busy that day”)



mother – wife – artist – daughter of the “one” – sold her first guitar when she was four – bookkeeping and accounting – loves her son, rottweilers and family – best Auntie “Vina” and jellybean gifter – crew member since 2012



husband of savanna – father – pc gamer – Star Wars nerd – science lover – Lego building expert – gets it right after the first try – newest Padawan learner in the crew – future ladder climber and restring tech


And the shop would not be complete without the “little lightnings”:

Oliver, Joseph, Will and Cora